Reusable Plastic Shot Glasses

Our reusable plastic shot glasses are manufactured from a range of tough clear plastics which can be washed and reused. Reusable plastic shot glasses are perfect for events both large and small and excellent for outdoor parties. Some of the reusable plastic shot glasses available are even termed virtually unbreakable and provide a serious long lasting alternative for glass products. So whether the event you're hosting is a club night, festival or party there is a reusable plastic shot glass that will be perfect for your event.

Polycarbonate Shot Glasses

Polycarbonate shot glasses provide break resistant reusable plastic drink wear that is very strong and has great clarity. Polycarbonate plastic shot glasses look like glass and have a very high quality finish, however they can take a lot of heavy usage and so are suitable for use in restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs. They are completely dishwasher safe up to 100C. For more information about polycarbonate visit: Wikipedia.

Polystyrene Shot Glasses

Polystyrene shot glasses are an alternative to polycarbonate shot glasses. Polystyrene helps to make hard walled reusable plastic shot glasses that are structurally very rigid however it is not virtually unbreakable like polycarbonate. These glasses are not strong enough to be classified as safety products but can be washed and reused safely many times. Polystyrene won't last as long as polycarbonate or SAN glasses before becoming marked but will do a similar job for a shorter period. For more information about Polystyrene you can visit: Wikipedia.

For use in bars, clubs, pubs, wine bars and other events where alcohol is dispensed PartyPlastics has a wide selection of CE marked shot glasses.

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