Speciality Plastic Shot Glasses

If you thought that there was only one type of plastic shot glass in existence then think again!

There are many different types available, from the interestingly shaped Quaffer Shot Glass to the Plastic Bomb Shot Glasses and more. Whatever your requirement PartyPlastics can offer a great range of plastic shot glasses whatever the occasion, all of which are great for getting the party started. For more information on some of our top speciality plastic shot glasses please see below:

The Quaffer Shot Glass

Also know as the 'Double Bubble Shot Glass' the Quaffer Shot Glass stands out from the crowd due to its unique shape. Measuring 50ml on the bottom and 25ml on top, the Quaffer allows you to put any chaser in the bottom and any liquor on top, with the two liquids staying separate until consumed!

Coloured Plastic Shot Glasses

Coloured shot glasses come in a variety of neon colours including pink, green, blue and purple. Their bright colouring makes them stand out on the bar in nightclubs and if this wasn't enough they are UV reactive too. PartyPlastics also stock CE marked to rim coloured shot glasses, meaning that they are perfect for use at licensed bars and clubs.

Plastic Bomb Shot Glass

Plastic Bomb Shot Glasses are ideal for jagerbombs with a shot measure set inside an outer cup. Liquors can easy be poured into the center shot and mixers around the outside, allowing you to create the perfect drink. The inbuilt shot measure also means that you can avoid having the worry of a shot glass hitting your teeth!

Twisted Shot Glass

The twisted shot glass is split into two 15ml sections allowing you to fill each chamber with two different types of drink. The twisted shot glass looks great if two different colour drinks are used, especially when lined up along the bar.

You can buy all the different plastic pint glasses listed above from our on-line web store www.partyplastics.co.uk.

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